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Patient Testimonials for Physicians:

Tim McLaughlin, MD

Generic placeholder imageWilliam Vilona

“It has been 45 years since any surgical procedure. I cannot believe how easy and painless this procedure was. Immediately, I noticed a difference to how clear my vision was. My 20/20 vision was restored!”

Generic placeholder imageBarbara Sly

“I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 23. This is the best I’ve seen. I’m so glad Dr. McLaughlin used the multi-focal lens. I would highly recommend it. This is the best decision I’ve made for myself.”

Generic placeholder imagePauline Guthrie

“The first morning after surgery I can see the T.V. and Dr. McLaughlin’s face.”

Generic placeholder imageLewis Trawick

“This is my first day after having my second eye done and I see great!”

Generic placeholder imageDonna Riddle

“I had an implant to correct my astigmatism yesterday and today I can see 20/20!”

Generic placeholder imageFelipa Johnson

“For over a year, I couldn’t see – But now I can!”

Ann Asbjornsen

“I can see faces at 20 or 30 feet now and the colors are outstanding!”

Generic placeholder image

“I am 91 years old. My vision is much better. I can see my lovely wife.”

Iris Riggs

“It is a miracle. I can see now!”

Generic placeholder imageBillie Merkenson

“Now I can teach at Pensacola State without glasses! You and the clinic have been a blessing to me.”

Vera Bogart

“Since I had the multifocal implant, I’ve read 3 books in a week without glasses!”

Generic placeholder imageMargaret Reed

“Driving at night, I can now see everything like it is daytime.”

“The implants have been wonderful for me – I can see like when I was 20! I am able to read small print and see road signs in the distance without glasses. I can read small print and have excellent distance vision without glasses.”

Mildred Burgess
“The first morning after surgery, I can see and I am so proud! I was walking around in a fog!”
William Wilhoit, MD
“It is great to have 20/20 vision with no astigmatism. I am reading 3 books a week with no prescription glasses.”
Lonnie Cathey
“My vision is remarkable. It is a miracle I can see. I can fill an Rx like I used to – I can see the writing!”
Douglas Dansby
“It’s a pleasure to look around, colors are more vivid and everything is so much clearer. I never need glasses.”

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