VISX WavePrint™ System

logoNo two eyes are the same. Like your DNA or fingerprint, your vision is unique.

Until now, laser vision correction treatment was based on diagnostic technology similar to that used for the prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. The new WavePrint? System by VISX takes laser vision correction to an entirely new, personalized level by combining exclusive personalized diagnostic technology and the Excimer laser into one system.

The advanced diagnostic portion of the technology produces a precise, detailed analysis of your vision and provides a personalized laser vision correction plan that addresses your individual needs. This WavePrint Map is coordinated with the VISX STAR S3 ActiveTrak? Excimer Laser System to create one of the most advanced systems on the market. The eye tracker adds a new level of precision, comfort, and safety.

Why we’ve chosen the VISX Waveprint? System:

  • VISX WavePrint System includes a diagnostic device that maps the entire optical path of the eye. This WavePrint? Map, called the “fingerprint of your vision,” provides the doctor with precise and detailed information about your vision. This is used to program the laser for precise, personalized treatment.
  • The WavePrint Map provides information on more than just the corneal surface of the eye. It reveals the way the entire optical system processes light. The WavePrint Map provides a new level of diagnostic information previously unavailable.
  • Using the WavePrint Map, doctors can more accurately assess whether patients are good candidates for laser vision correction. The WavePrint Map is the gold standard in vision measurement.
  • With ActiveTrak? 3D eye-tracking technology, the laser detects and compensates for small eye movements by guiding the laser beam to keep it centered precisely over the treatment area.
  • VISX’s exclusive Active Trak? is the only system that allows the doctor to track eye movement in all three dimensions. Having the beam centered correctly on the eye at all times helps ensure precise results.
  • Unlike other lasers with eye-tracking technology, ActiveTrak requires no pupil dilation, leading to an even quicker recovery time.
  • VISX Star S3 laser systems produce seven variable sized beams, giving the doctor greater flexibility and allowing for a fast, smooth treatment with precise corneal shaping.
  • The VISX Exclusive SmartBeam? technology adjusts beam size according to treatment, minimizing corneal tissue removal.
  • The STAR 3 variable beam technology allows the doctor to treat patients with different laser beam sizes and shapes, determined by each patient’s visual needs.
  • VISX laser systems produce an extremely smooth surface on the cornea after the procedure. Smoother ablations, as they’re known, promote faster healing and result in better visual outcomes.
  • VISX laser systems achieve an optical zone that may result in reduced problems with night vision.
  • VISX laser systems require a shorter procedure time than many lasers, which enhances comfort and may reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

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